Resso Music App (Android And iPhone)

Just stumbled upon this music app called Resso. It’s from the same owner of the popular video platform TikTok, Bytedance. The entire idea of this being from the same company that owns TikTok awoke the curious bug in my head. It said I need to try this out right now. Without delay I went ahead and downloaded it.

The App Experience

1. The Login/Register

Resso Login Screen

The first thing I noticed was that the app didn’t seem to have an email or mobile number based login option. The only available options were Facebook, Google and Apple logins. This was a put of for me in the beginning as I am a bit old school. This should not be a deal breaker for most. So I quickly choose the appropriate one for me logged in.

2. The Onboarding

The app gave a screen to choose my preferred music language and artists. The artist screen was an ever growing one. You click on one artist and similar ones pop down for selection. This was not new as I had seen similar in YouTube music and Spotify. But it was a nice onboarding procession. Why create something new when the existing is just perfect.

3. Free Premium Trial And Price

After the onboard I was provided with a 14 day trial, which I don't find too generous specially for an app which has yet to make its mark. Correct me if I am wrong in the comments, that every other app seems to provide a minimum of 1 month free trial period with all features unlocked. Trial also meant there was a paid plan obviously. So I went to check that out. In apple devices it costs Rs 119 and on Android its Rs 99. Also found the app is free to use but some features like downloading and high quality streaming would not be there. Am also expecting ads will show up in free version.

4. First Experience

The moment you are done with the artist and language selection you are taken to the main app screen, which comprises of the actual music player. On top left you have a 3 line button which on clicking moves the player down and brings up the "For You" section. Shockingly I found a "Your Daily Mix" section here right at the start and I had just begun using the app. So based on my artist selection in previous step the app was able to create a daily mix for me.

Beside the "Your Daily Mix", there was a bunch of other genres like Drive, Cheer up, Chill, Late Night, Workout It Out and obviously "TikTok". Curiosity bug again goes tingle, so "TikTok" was the next option that I choose after "Your Daily Mix". Some local regional music began to play. Didn't understand the link to TikTok but music was ok.

5. Video Playback And Vibes

At this point I noticed that for most songs, during music playback the app had some short looping clip play. Also you had the option to swipe left or right. This sort of changed the videos playing or brought up some images which supposedly other users had shared for the same song. These images/videos were called Vibes. You have the option to upload images from your phone as Vibes, but I wasn't just going to give access to my photo library to any app just like that in the name of social sharing. I need to first be able to trust the app. So I moved on.

6. Social Features Build In

The next thing that caught my eyes was a comment option. Then the like option beside that. I have already seen the like dislike option available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube music but that generally works at a personal level helping the app understand your music preference. Here, this felt different. Here likes were global. Anyone can like a song and the count would show in my profile. Similar was the case with comments. People could post comments about the song and that can be seen by others. Much like the comment and like/dislike feature in YouTube. Not sure how that helps but the app tried to bring a social feeling into the app. It also keeps a track of the number of times a song was shared. So you can get an idea as to how popular a song may be in a good or bad way. In my opinion what others say don't matter, its the music that matters. You may not like a song which I might. So music is very much a personal thing. Anyways that's how it works in the app.

You also get an option to hide a song if you don't like it. This would result in the song not automatically showing up in you personalized mixes.

7. Lyrics

Next the flowing text during music playback caught my attention. You have lyrics showing up during the music. And this was in sync with the music currently playing.Wow! Where had I seen this. Apple Music 😜? Anyways this is a feature I believe all music apps should have and this app had it. So thumbs up 👍. A little bit more digging brought me to the conclusion that others could provide feedback with respect to lyrics if lyrics were out of place. Good thing, open source feeling in terms of lyrics.

8. Explore Section

Well, as in all music streaming apps, there needs to be a place which will show all the latest trending music stuff. The "Explore" section was this place. It has music based on different moods, genres, artist based, release based. Similar stuff that you find in every other music app. Nothing great but an important component. Glad they did not make some smart moves here and kept it simple. Just right!!!

9. My Personal Space

Finally there is the "Me" section. This has the usual songs/albums that you liked, your playlists, your downloads and a history of songs you have listened to. What caught my attention here was when you go and checkout your profile in the app. Here you can upload a picture of yourself and see whom you are following and also see people who are following you. Cool, some more social features.

10. Just the other stuff

There are some other features also like timer so you can listen to music during sleeping or resting and have the music automatically stop after a set duration. Shuffle, repeat its just there.

The Final Verdict (Strictly my opinion)

1. Design

Am expecting most will find the design of the app eye pleasing. Looping videos, images, flowing comments . Its cool but in my opinion its not required for all. An option to stop this feature should be there. Also most videos are not directly linked to the music so become further more irrelevant. Its more like I am watching some videos or beautiful images with background music playing and in a music app music needs to be the primary focus. Sometimes simple is just perfect.

2. Music Quality

The app just has Regular, Good and Excellent quality selection. Am expecting that to be 128kbps, 256kbps and 320kbps. I was using the highest quality and the music was loud and most will find it to their liking.

3. Music Selection

Well obviously I have to give the greatest weightage to this as it is a music stream app and needs to have music. It was too easy to come across music which are missing. For example I tried Taylor Swift, Linking Park and found too many of their songs missing. But we also need to consider this is a new app and we found a similar behavior by the popular streaming platform, Spotify, in India. Giving my benefit of doubt here as I believe with time more artists and songs will start showing up. Regional content is better and didn't mind the music that the app suggested on the regional side. Couldn't find the exact number of songs available online anywhere tough.

4. Features

The app does pack in a lot of features, specially the social aspect. Global likes, comments, shares, "Vibes" is good and bringing something fresh to the table. Lyrics is something which I always like in any music app and if it syncs with the music currently playing, then it just makes it much sweeter deal.

5. Should You Consider Paying For It

My suggestion is if you plan to pay a subscription for music, then there are a log of matured apps to consider like Apple Music, YouTube music, Spotify, Gaana, Saavn, etc. Give those a try. The only reason I say this is because the music selection is currently missing a lot of names and you might realize that very soon. It just took me few minutes of using the app to realize that some big names are missing.

All in all its nice to see a new app come into the already over crowded music streaming service market. It's promising but missing some major artists and albums. Give it time to mature and may just be able to compete with the other music streaming giants. The creators already have the expertise to make something viral.

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