Spotify skill is finally available on Alexa devices in India

So were you among the few whole quickly subscribed to Spotify Premium when it was launched in India last year? Or did you recently subscribe to Spotify because of its 699 yearly plan which it is occasionally giving as a promo to users these days. You probably did this because of Spotify's awesome playlists and for a fact that Spotify was supposed to be available everywhere. Well.... almost everywhere.

Prior to the Spotify hype that started last year, couple of years back the Alexa smart speakers were launched in India. And boy they were a hit. Almost everyone who could afford it had one. Well this brought some bad news for Spotify users. The Spotify skill was just not available in India. What came as an even bigger shocker was Apple Music (which is knows for being only available on other Apple products more often) had a skill now on Alexa India.

Well, finally after almost a year and a half Spotify skill is now available on Alexa. So you can now groove to your favourite playlist on Spotify using your Alexa speakers.

Here are the steps to follow:

1) Click on the three lines on the top left corner

2) On the menu that opens, click on skills.

3) On the page that opens, search for Spotify and click on the one called Spotify (Obviously)

4) Enable the skill and connect your account.

You are done. Finally enjoy your Spotify subscription in Alexa devices.

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