10 reasons I switched to an iPhone?

I have been an android user since as long back as I can remember. Why? Simple, during the initial stages I could not afford an Apple product and later I just could not justify the price as I was quite happy with what the android platform was offering at a much affordable price point. However, the hype over how good the iPhone is and the Apple Ecosystem always got the curiosity bug in me tickling. For years I have subdued the feeling of switching as my Android platform was providing almost everything I could ask for. But as time passed things began to change and it is these things that finally made me switch.

Why I decided to switch?

1. Too Fast Innovation

Android devices was growing and growing too quickly. You buy a notch phone and you have a dew drop notch come out. You get a dew drop display and a punch hole screen camera comes out. Then there is the 60hz, 90hz, 120hz refresh rate screens. Camera popping out, camera at the bottom, camera at the top and all the stuff the tech companies could think of. So keeping up with the rat race you never had the latest in tech. You get this constant paranoia of getting left behind.

2. Too Frequent Releases

Lets just say it out loud. Android manufacturing companies needs to slow down its release cycle. If I pay thousands of dollars on the latest tech device that a company has to offer, I want it to be the latest one for a couple of month to follow. However, if you see the Android devices currently, its like you go to the store and get the latest flagship phone that an brand has to offer and in the next few weeks another flagship device will be launched by the same brand making your device obsolete. Come on!!! Lets just face it. If I spend thousands of dollars on a device I want it to be the latest for quite some time please.

3. Irregular Updates

The world is changing constantly. There is constant improvement in technology and then there is the constant attempts to misuse these technologies. Hackers and trackers and constantly trying to find loopholes in the systems to make you the next victim. That's one of the major reasons companies rollout updates. Leaving aside a few big names, if you look at the general Android market, updates are something that just doesn't come through as frequently as it is required. I have seen some brands releasing an update that is rolled out by google month back on their devices having important security fixes. There are also some brands on which I have just gotten an OS update once and that was when I first started the device. In the coming year there was no updates and these are so called latest launches by those brands. Also if updates become regular, the lifespan of receiving updates is too short. Google is the only company in my opinion that can sort of stand if we talk about updates and take iPhones into account.

4. Too many choices and options

If you ask most people then they will say this is a good things. Choices are welcome as they provide a sense of freedom. You get to decide what you pay for. Your are the boss. You control your life. However, too many choices gives rise to too many uncertainties and mostly will not give you a concrete decision. You will always have the feeling in the back of your mind that the other device could have been better. This results in android users switching phones very often as compared to iPhone users.

5. Data being spread to too many brands

Data collection seems to be the biggest thing these days. Every company is taking our data when they talk about AI and stuff. The more brands we switch to the more widespread we make our data. The phones is the place where they can come to know all about you. What you see, what you listen to, what you search, your apps, your bank accounts, etc. You get the picture. I can give my benefit of doubt to some well known companies like Apple and Google but I cannot say the same about the hundreds of brands dealing with our data in the name of selling mobile devices.

6. Let me decide the apps I want

Cheap android devices are a breeding ground for bloatware taking up your screen space, device storage and precious RAM. This is one of the biggest reasons no matter how much RAM you get on some Android devices they start to lag in a short while. I have seen some branded companies selling cheap devices filled with junk games and social apps which I might just never use. Worst case you may not be able to remove them also. So its always there staring back at your face.

7. Quality of apps

Its easier to create something awesome when your focus is narrowed down. If your focus is too widespread then your output will not be to your full potential. That seems to be the case with Android devices. There are just so many devices to support that it shows in some apps. The same apps have much better performance and UI on the Apple counterparts as there are limited devices and the developers just know what they need to support.

8. Seems it's easier to get your app deployed on the play store.

Being a developer I feel its easier to get an app deployed on the play store compared to the Apple App store. Am not saying that the Google Team is not doing their jobs as everyday we hear apps being removed from the play store. My questions is just how did it get there in the first place.

9. Years bring in lags

I have never heard any Android brand releasing an update intended to slow down the device. Yet these devices tend to slow down much faster compared to their Apple counter parts. Just a couple of months/years and we have the lags and hangs creeping in. Its not that Apple devices don't hang. They too hang and yes sometimes a lot. But just think about it. Apple secretly seems to have released an update intended to slow down their devices so people would buy the new ones. Come on, to me that a proof that the devices work smoother and less people complain and feel a need to upgrade.

10. Selling for scrap value

Ever tried to sell your old Android phone which is may be a year old? The price has already become one forth of the purchase value. As a result you next phone purchase would be much more expensive as you would have gotten very less value for your old phone. iPhones just seem to hold their values much better. Some old iPhones can easily be sold at half their current market value. By old I mean years old.

11. Its no longer affordable

Yes I said 10 reasons but based on the current price of Android devices I need to speak about this. Let's just face it. Android is no longer something which we call affordable. Currently Android flagship devices are at par with iPhones when it comes to pricing. So why not give the other a chance. iPhone is expensive but so is Android now.

Let me know if you agree to my opinion or feel free to disagree. But let me know. Good is great but negative is best as it gives you a scope to become better.

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