YouTube Music Finally Available On Apple Watch

YouTube Music was launched around 2015 but picked up the pace in the last couple of years only. After the launch of the mobile application, soon we saw a web app for YouTube music available on Desktops. However, one thing which a large community of people, including myself were waiting for, was the availability of YouTube music app on the Apple watch.

The day before I went out for my regular walks and streaming music from YouTube music on my iPhone. Usually I have to use the Now Playing App on the Apple watch to control the music on my iPhone while walking. For a change I noticed that the Album art was showing on my watch which was very much not expected.

On looking closure I realized that I had the YouTube Music app available and installed on my Apple watch. And what must I say, the wait was worth it. Just listing a couple of features I have been able to discover and share with you.

Feature List

  1. Recommendations : On the start screen you get a list of playlists and artists which YouTube thinks you might like. These are playlists like Your mix, Discover Mix and some playlists you have listened to or might like and Artists you frequently listen to.

  2. Your Music Library : Then you get direct access to your playlists, subscriptions, artists, songs. So you can checkout your music on your Apple watch and have them play on your iPhone.

  3. Access To Downloads : This is a great feature that I liked. You get to see a list of playlists downloaded on your iPhone. Its not that you can download music or anything on your Apple Watch but you can play downloaded music on your iPhone from your Apple watch. This really nice feature for those looking to save mobile data.

  4. Cast Music : So this is the closest you can get to Spotify's connect, where you can use your devices as a remote to play the actual music on another device. So you can now cast music from you YouTube music account to your speakers using your Apple watch. The music would still use your iPhone to cast but its a much needed feature.

Final Verdict

Well the app has just launched a day or two back and some hick ups are expected. As for what I see, at times the app fails to connect to your iPhone. But I guess these sort of issues will get polished out in the near future.

Google is putting a lot of effort into their YouTube music app and its really getting visible.

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